Jason Mulligan

I'm a full stack developer, specialized in API design, JavaScript (browser, & node.js), NoSQL/SQL & REST/HTTP


I'm a career web hacker. I've been messing around on the net since the early '90s, editing html before you, or your parents knew what it was. I was there, when big ass table borders were trendy. I decided to focus on API design, & implementaton, shortly after the first iPhone came out. It was the clear indicator (for me) that the mobile web was finally mature, and I wanted to be a part of it; thankfully this wasn't the second coming of WAP.

Current role: Sr. Applications Solution Developer at Adobe


I can be reached at jason.mulligan@avoidwork.com, or by phone at +1-613-852-9803. Please don't cold call me about a position you're trying to fill; I'm probably in an open office, & I don't want to talk your job req.